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Learn The Subtle Art of Not Giving into Career Break Woes: Top Learning programs for women returnees

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SummaryThis blog is about learning programs that will help women get back to work after a career break with skills and confidence.

Returning to work after a career break comes with its own challenges for women. Now, you don’t need to abandon the experience you’ve gained over the years, you just need to upskill yourself to the current relevant needs. 

JobsForHer learning programs will equip you with all the essential skills business leaders and recruiters are now looking for exclusively in female candidates.

Learning programs for women returning to work

  1. RestartHer Academy’s Back to Work Program for Women on a Career Break

Bridge the skill gap and make a confident career comeback this year!

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  1. MentorHer: A mentorship program for women restarters to make a confident career comeback

An interactive one-on-one mentoring session for women returnees to enable them to face career challenges and return to the workforce once again.

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  1. RestartHer Academy’s Skill Development workshops for women

Skill development workshops for women on emotional intelligence, stress management, growth mindset, personal effectiveness, image management, and personal branding.

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  1. Mentorship Program for Women at the Mid-Manager Level to Overcome Biases in the Workplace and Forge Ahead

A unique program that helps women at the mid-managerial level build job-specific skills and overcome biases in the workplace in order to get back into the workforce.

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Top 3 Reasons to Reskill

As the world moves towards AI & automation, reskilling in 2023 is mandatory. The lightning speed of digital transformation is enough for you to reskill before getting back to work after a career break.

  1. Employability & Retention
  2. Morale and confidence boosting
  3. Better job opportunities

Takeaway: Reskilling will enable you to attract top employers and attain your desired career path.

Explore courses that will keep you ahead of the game even when you’re returning to work after a career break here:

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