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Learning ecosystems – how to build these

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Learning ecosystems improve learning outcomes

You probably use one or more of these open source learning systems: TED talks, General Assembly, EdX, Big Think … and then you have many formats of content – videos, podcasts, blogs, websites, newsletters. I use a number of whitepapers and reports published by various organizations. Your employer probably has their own LMS to share content. Having great content does not ensure learning.

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5 Capabilities of the learning ecosystem

The Degreed blog talks of 5 capabilities that learning ecosystems must have

  1. Diverse learning content
  2. A clear career path and development opportunity
  3. Using data to make decisions
  4. Dashboards that monitor relevant activity
  5. Measure skills and offer guidance

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From Learning to Skills

Learning is a self-directed activity. When the knowledge is used to solve a problem, it turns to a skill. Employers encourage learning, but it is only when the businesses allow for employees to apply what they have learned to solve problems, the learning turns to a skill.


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