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Learning in the exciting times of today !

Source | LinkedIn : By Sindhu Subhashini

Brillio was invited to a Panel discussion with Pluralsight and CNBC last week to share our learning culture.  It is indeed a moment of pride for an young organization like us and more so for the learning team which launched the Brillio Learning Academy in August 2015.

Here are some of our success stories and road blocks in the journey to setting up a Technical, Behavioural and Leadership Academy.  These are the initial stages of a growing organization, however the edge we have had in this journey so far, is the fact that we got to start a learning academy in a time when technology is so advanced, learning is available in various modes and the learners are so much more advanced than their predecessors.  The downside however is the shrinking attention span of the users in a world where we constantly multi-task to stay above the curve.

In a context like this it becomes very important to understand the USP that the learning platform will provide.   What worked for us, was the fact that we provided access to learners who needed the learning that could be used either today or in the near future.  I firmly believe, that one will learn best, only when there is a dire need.

It was also imperative that we packaged the learning in small bytes.  The power of nano learning is immense and today technology is so evolved that it is simply mind boggling to see how one can learn without feeling stress or boredom.

I was part of a L&D function a decade back in my erstwhile role, when we were setting up the e-learning platforms.  However we faced several problems as the technology was not strong enough to support our thinking  and the mindset to learn online was missing.  I remember struggling to get learners on the portal.

Today it’s a very different scenario.  The partners with whom we are working with are extremely evolved – Speed & Agility is the mantra.  Learners can access course content on their laptops, ipads, mobiles and can learn anytime.  The amount of videos(nano videos), richness of content, assessments pre and post are phenomenal which aims to constantly keep the users engaged.  Most of the learning is gamified extensively, enabling peer learning, learning through simulated games, looking at score boards and ultimately winning in this game of learning.

If you are going the virtual way, my experience is to go the distance.  Don’t have backup classroom learning session, because that will mean that your virtual  learning will never take off.  Of-course learning in a class with your peers brings in learning in a group, and if you still want to have that benefit, what we did was to have micro learning classroom or webinar sessions (45 minutes) with subject matter experts once a month on the topic that the user learnt.  This blend of classroom and online sessions will bring in the benefit of getting inputs by an subject matter expert and the user gets to learn from his/her peers in the environment created by you.

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