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Learning is a continuous process – Creativity its key driver

Source | | Gita Balakrishnan

Vivendo Discimus’ – By Living We Learn.

Patrick Geddes’ above exhortation would hold good eternally since, it is only those who believe that the process of education is omnipresent and never-ending, that are the ones who are continuously evolving.

While the words student and learner are often used interchangeably, learners alludes to not only those learning through academics but through different experiences- chosen and otherwise.

Being in the business of outside-the-classroom learning for the last 17 years, we have witnessed creativity and innovation of different kinds – creativity of learners, teachers, employees and employers too. Creative thinking certainly is a large part of the recipe for success; whatever success means to different people.

In our organisation, Ethos, the end products we work towards are creative solutions and learning aids in the field of architecture, construction, engineering – both online and offline. We identify problems that exist in the field and work towards providing creative solutions.

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