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Learnings from Product Design Interviews

Over the past few months I interviewed at Dropbox, Google, Lyft, and plenty others. Here’s what I learned

By | Weston Karnes |

To be quite honest, this was the first time I’ve gone through the holistic UX/Product Designer interview process. Nearly all previous roles I stumbled across through connections, working with others that led to a role, or was at small enough companies where a formal design interview was barely built out. Hopefully this will be of value to someone new to design, as well as someone who’s been around for a while, but hasn’t interviewed extensively.

All Product Design interviews I went through had three core parts. These parts will be the structure of what follows.

1. Portfolio Presentation
2. Design Challenge
3. Conversational Interviews

It’s worth mentioning that in order to get to this point, your online portfolio needs to catch the eye of an employer. That’s a whole nother article, but there’s some tidbits in here that should help to shape that as well.

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