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Learnings from IPL 2017: Do Not hire for proven track record alone; hunger for success is equally important

Source |  |  BY:Kinjal Choudhary, Senior Vice President and Group CHRO

Most of the traditional hiring practices focus on what is commonly referred to as “proven track record” which in other words refers to past accomplishments. While past accomplishments certainly are a testimony of what the individual has achieved in the years gone by, it says very little whether there would be a continuation of the same. Proven track record, at best, states that the individual has displayed certain competencies in the past which has helped her achieve all the laurels that she has. While past achievements are easy to establish and verify, its predictive accuracy is far less established.

What is far more difficult to test and hence often not checked very rigorously is the “hunger for success” of the individual. In other words, would the individual go the full nine yards to create success in the circumstances.  When an individual has, at least in his/ her mind, achieved what had to be achieved, there is a complacence which sets in. There could be a tendency to rest on past laurels as one may say, instead of going the full way in “proving oneself” all over again.

My learning from the current Indian Premier League has reinforced my belief in the above.

What else would explain the plight of Royal Challengers Bangalore, languishing at the bottom of the points table with just two wins and ten straight losses despite having players like Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers? The fact of the matter is that Virat Kohli is a proven and perhaps the most trusted player of the Indian national team besides of course being the skipper and would the IPL performance in 2017 made much of a difference to his career? AB de Villiers with over 100 Test Matches , 200 plus One Days and more than 17,000 runs to his credit between these two formats had very little to prove in this IPL. In IPL alone, he has played more than 100 matches over the past years and has more than 3,000 runs to his name. Chris Gayle, someone with the ability to singularly destroy any team could barely stand in any of his innings this year. His career in West Indies cricket is over for good. At the age of 37, there is very little of competitive cricket left for him in any case. More importantly, his ability to score big is proven beyond any doubt having scored triple century in Test Cricket, double century in One Day and even in IPL he has scored 175 runs individually which is a respectable total for a team as a whole! After all of this, would his performance in 2017 IPL made any difference to his career in the long or short run? I think the answer is a no-brainer. And no wonder, all three of them failed, not once, not twice, but repeatedly through the IPL 2017 much to the disappointment of all the Royal Challengers Bangalore fans.


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