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What I Learnt After Studying Over 50 Internet Millionaires

By Siddharth Rajsekar

I’ve been researching on this subject for over 3 years now, and been following a bunch of them.

Of all the people that I researched (probably over 200+), I brought it down to just 50 names for this specific blog post.

I may probably talk more about the other internet millionaires in my future blog posts.

Success Patterns Of Internet Millionaires

top 10 internet millionaires

What Must You Take Away From This Research

We are living in very exciting times in the world.

No business is too small to succeed, or too big to fail.

Having said that, there are only a few core skills, which if you can start developing and getting the rubber on road, you will have a chance to leverage the true potential of the internet and live the lifestyle of your choice.

Top Skills Of Internet Millionaires

  1. Clarity In Intention: Knowing WHY you’re doing what you’re doing is a rare gift. This is the foundation to everything.
  2. Copywriting: By far the #1 skill to acquire. This will be your ability to communicate effectively to the world.
  3. Video Marketing: Again, this is one of the fastest ways for you to connect with a world-wide audience quickly.
  4. Social Media Marketing: If you cannot build an audience, you will never be able to sell to them.
  5. Internet Systems: Knowing the art of setting up automation systems can help you leverage the internet better.
  6. Business Skills: Networking, having a pulse on numbers and building a business for profit is so important.
  7. Execution Skills: Most internet millionaires have the best teams to ‘get stuff done’. Start building your team now.

Final Thoughts

To become an internet millionaire is much more easier today than ever before because there are many people who have walked the path.

What I’m trying to do is just codify it for you in the form of this video and mindmap.

But for this to because a reality, it starts with learning.

The more you learn, the more you will learn.

Based on my testing and trying over the years, I actually promote very few people or systems on the internet unless I really believe in it.

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