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A Lesson in Leadership: Control Your Emotions and Be Positive

Source |  |  BY:Yoshito Hori 

I have five sons ranging in age from 11 to 19. A few weeks ago, one of the older boys was angry at dinner because a teacher had scolded him when his younger brother arrived late for school. How unfair!

In the family, we have a well-established tradition of discussing serious topics at dinner, so my son’s anger gave me a good reason to tell the boys about the importance of learning to control their emotions—a useful skill whatever your age.

I began by explaining that one simple way to think of intelligence is by dividing it into two broad categories: IQ (intellectual ability) and EQ (emotional intelligence), as popularized by Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence (1995).

But over a decade earlier, in 1983, Howard Gardner, a professor of developmental psychology at Harvard, proposed a theory of multiple intelligences in his book Frames of Mind.

Gardner suggested that we have seven different kinds of intelligence.

1. Linguisticgood with words
2. Mathematicalgood at numbers
3. Musicalgood with rhythm and sound
4.Visual-Spatialgood at thinking in three dimensions
5. Bodily-Kinestheticgood at physical activity
6. Intrapersonalgood at understanding oneself
7. Interpersonalgood at interacting with other people


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