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Lessons from exceptional customer service: 7 habits to embrace for fast-track career growth

Source | LinkedIn | Amit Chilka | Career Strategist | Fast Track Promotion Coach | L&OD Consultant | Best-selling Author | Leadership & Innovation Expert

My kiddo had a holiday and my wife was bored with cooking. So today, we decided to go out for lunch.

Now, this wasn’t the first time, I was dining out. But the customer service at this restaurant won our hearts. I was awed. While I am sure the duty manager who served us had his highs; as a career coach, I had my own set of highs while experiencing this exceptional customer service. I could draw the 7 parallels mentioned below between the exceptional customer service and habits to embrace for fast-track career growth which I must share with you all –

Lesson # 1: Be constantly aware of how you are doing your job   

As we settled down in the restaurant, the duty manager came over to us briefed about their setup. He said the starters would be served at the table and live-counter, main course and desserts would be self-serve.

As we had begun eating, he came to check on us as to how the food was.

So far so good. I believe in most of the restaurants this scenario is common.

However, while we were eating he came up to us multiple times. He kept asking if we were satisfied and if there is anything that he could do for us.

When he asked us for the first time, we responded that the food is good.

And when he asked us multiple times after that, we had the same response.

He politely explained that when we just say good, it doesn’t put him into a comfortable position. Good, he considered to be red zone, if we say very good he probably would be at ease and consider to be in the green zone.

We convinced him that he was in the green zone and there wasn’t anything that was really bothering us.

You must be fully aware of what others think of your work. To know, asking is the best way. And don’t just ask once and stop. Ask many times. Allow the person to speak up. Don’t stop when you happen to hear – you are doing a good job. Instead, probe to understand what that good really, really means.

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