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Lessons in leadership and life! Roger Federer wins the Australian Open.

Source | LinkedIn : By Winston Derosario

Good morning this Monday! Not sure how many of you got to see the men’s single Australian Open finals yesterday. One word describes it EPIC, wanted to share with you some key insights I had.

Love what you do

At 35 and being out for more than 6 months battling an injury never stopped Roger from turning up at Melbourne. He came to have a good time and get back to doing what he loves, Tennis!

Put your EGO aside

Being rated #17 did not weigh heavy on his mind given he was #1 for so many years. He never let his EGO get in the way.

Get on with it

He turned up, played great tennis and Won.


He never let the fact that he last won a SLAM 4+ years back bring him down. Patience is the hallmark of Great Leaders, but more so he dug deep to find his best when it mattered.

Be Thankful, never underestimate the importance of a COACH.

He was grateful for all the support and help he received over the last few years. He took time to thank people! To get back to being a winner it’s important to have a COACH.

Celebrate success but always be a gentleman!

It’s easy when you are on a high to forget the person who comes in second best but Roger ensures he gives credit to his opponent. He believes Respect is more important than the Result.

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