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Let Kindness Be Your Superpower

Source | LinkedIn | Bertrand Wong | Executive Compensation Specialist, EGP-X Associate • Data-driven Storyteller • Content Creator (Writer)

The world needs more heroes like you.

I was walking down a cobblestone alley as I approached the pavements of the main street outside my apartment. As I exited the T-junction alley, I was cautious not to collide with other pedestrians by slowing down my pace. Suddenly, my peripheral vision picked up a fast speeding scooter that was heading right towards me. Before I could even react, the rider screeched to a halt and crashed into me as she fell to the ground. I was in utter shock.

Ignoring the painful bruise that was developing on my leg, I immediately helped the lady pick up her belongings and asked if she was okay. Then she started cursing at me in French and raised her voice, “Do I look like I’m okay?!” I was in disbelief at her reply and felt victimized by her reaction. I thought to myself, “Wasn’t it wrong of her to ride a scooter on the pavement in the first place, let alone speed?”

Amidst all the commotion, a group of teenagers witnessing the whole situation came up to her and bravely defended me with their words (in French). As I stood there trying to understand what was going on, one of the teenagers kindly came up to me and gave a pat on my shoulder. He shyly asked in two words of English he could muster “You okay?”, to which I calmly replied, “Yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking”. 

I felt relieved and comforted by his concern as I retracted from the scene and headed back home. It warmed my heart to see strangers caring for a foreigner like me when they could have just turned a blind eye and walked away.

A small act of kindness like this may seem very simple and nothing worthy of praise, but it has the power to uplift someone emotionally and in spirit. Kindness knows no boundaries. It is a universal language understood by all, regardless of our race and religion, one where even the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

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