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Let’s stop using the word ‘Hustle’

Source | LinkedIn : By Tara Hunt

I believe strongly in hard work and going the extra mile. You can ask anyone who has ever worked with me – I love going above and beyond. I love what I do, so it’s pretty easy to overdo it. I’ve also been driven from an early age to push myself to grow and do better constantly.

But there is one word that I’ll never ever ever use to describe my work ethic: Hustle.

Several times per week I get messages from young hopefuls asking me for guidance on how to build their “personal brands” (I’ll go into what I think of that term in a future episode).

What I tell them is what you’ll find in this video, but never hustle. To me, hustle may describe the hard work part, but it also puts emphasis on the selfish, spammy, short-cut taking, snake oil parts.

I get what Gary Vaynerchuk means and I’m 100% behind his overall message about hard work and persistence. I just don’t think it’s the right word. Let’s stop hustling and start being truly social.

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