Let’s talk about mental health

By | CV Subash | Leadership Coach | Regal Unlimited

Thanks to these celebrities, men & women (Deepika Padukone, for example), mental health is being discussed openly. It has to be part of our vocabulary, just as physical health is …

Everyone needs a coach” Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt

– Very often are unaware of the fact we ourselves, or people around us (at work & home) need help.

We got to be a lot more self-aware. We got to be empathetic .

– Leadership is moving from IQ/macho-style to EQ, Coaching style.


– The ‘help’ or ‘intervention’ can be therapy, healing, coaching, mentoring, apart from psychological interventions. a ‘Light Worker‘!

– Medication should be the last resort.

– Brad Pitt tried two therapists before settling for the third. He was lucky. Else it can be like Abhimanyu entering Chakravyuh!

– It is important we hire a trained, certified, experienced and credentialed professional. It is like making a choice between a quack and a good doctor. Choose wisely.

We offer ICF approved coach training to aspiring coaches who wish to operate in the realm of  Life/Executive/Transformational/Spiritual/Wellness coaching.

The roads are many… the Goal is One.

– Hope it does not move from one extreme to the other (silence to a fad)

Our physical body is the most beautiful miracle. It has tremendous healing powers within. Let us give that a chance.

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