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“Let’s tap into our innate potential”

By | Aruna Chandrasekhar |

Verizon India’s culture encourages employees to bring out the best in themselves – personally and professionally. It is a culture that emphasises the importance of gender diversity and inclusion, providing equal opportunity to men and women. 

Aruna Chandrasekhar, Senior Manager-Program/Project Management, Verizon India shares her perspective on life at the company and how her career growth was fuelled by this inclusive culture. 

“Men and women tend to view the world through different lenses. This is good, as it brings a unique perspective. 

But, during the initial stages of my career, I used to shy away from bringing my perspective to the table as I was too judgmental and hard on myself. However, the organization culture and ethos here encouraged me to come out of my shell.

As I started progressing through various levels in the organization and started opening up to opportunities, I was able to see myself contribute in unique ways. I started embracing the different perspectives that naturally flowed from within, and contributed to my growth in the organization.

These are a few leadership qualities that women naturally bring to the table:

  •    Emotional Intelligence – The ability to understand, connect and empathize with people around us. This helps us to be assertive without alienating people, collaborate, mentor teams and deliver feedback, effectively. 
  •     Passionate Champions – We are naturally passionate about any cause we believe in and bring a sense of purpose to envelope it. This helps us to look at any task / project with a 360-degree perspective and give it our best!
  •     Multi-taskers – We are equipped with the ability to naturally segregate the strategic & the tactical to focus our energies accordingly. This helps us manage stress and achieve a higher degree of work-life balance.

I believe that these traits, combined with our courage to communicate, positions us uniquely to create a positive impact at our workplace.

Diversity is well recognized as a critical pillar for organizational growth, but we see it dwindling through a career progression from entry-level to mid & senior management levels. We would like to see this change and believe in ourselves to start being the change we wish to see.

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