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Letter of Retirement Sample Ideas

Are you ready to say goodbye to working full-time? You're not alone. Since COVID-19 began, the retirement rate of Baby Boomers has accelerated significantly. Specifcally, nearly 29 million boomers retired...

By | John Rampton |

Are you ready to say goodbye to working full-time? You’re not alone.

Since COVID-19 began, the retirement rate of Baby Boomers has accelerated significantly. Specifcally, nearly 29 million boomers retired in 2020. In comparison with 2019, this is an increase of more than 3 million. And, what’s more it’s expected that 75 million Baby Boomers will be retiring by 2030.

In order to enjoy retirement, your first step is to resign from your job. The goal is to leave a strong legacy in a professional manner. As a result, your retirement will be off to a great start. And, that all begins with a letter of retirement.

What is a Retirement Letter

Retirement letters are formal letters announcing your resignation from your employer. Resignation letters are different from other types of resignation letters in that they don’t tell your employer that you will be moving on to another company. Instead, you’re letting them know that you’re exiting the workforce.

You can usually end your relationship on good terms since you’re not leaving over grievances or because another company offered you a better position or higher pay. There is even the potential for future consulting opportunities.

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