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Source | LinkedIn : By Hans Dholakia

If you wish to develop your personality in an integrated manner, you must do something about it. Just wishing it will not take you anywhere – you will find that years have gone by and you are still the same.

People don’t change because they do not introspect – they lack self-awareness and they do not make conscious effort. And yet, when the transformation does happen through a wisdom-guided will, the results can be astounding even to oneself, and so much more to others.

Every successful person had faced failure in the past, every saint was a sinner earlier (in the same or previous life) but such people did not abandon their efforts at changing themselves, until the transformation really happened. Life’s fiercest and most vital battles are fought within – in the field of one’s consciousness, in the din of daily life. And when we change ourselves, we change many, through our example. The trouble is people try to change others, without first changing themselves !

Personality is the sum total of one’s physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual characteristics. Whether we like it or not, people with whom we interact in daily life do experience and feel our personality traits at all levels of our being.

Most people seem to think that personality development is for the young job-seekers only. The fact is, even directors and senior managers who may otherwise be seemingly doing very well, may have had learning gaps in their lives. They can enrich their personalities at any age / stage by bridging those gaps – such as gaps in Self-awareness and Self-management, Self-motivation & Self-regulation, Body-Mind-Soul Wellness, Work-Family Integration, Stress & Conflict Mgmt. and nurturing Inter-personal Relationships. One’s personality at any time is not final, and can be changed by changing inputs at body, mind and soul levels. We must keep growing all the time, all our lives.

Fortunately, personality is what we have, and not what we essentially are. There can be a huge gap between the two, and the purpose of a holistic personal transformation and development course is to minimize the gap. Potentially, as souls, we are perfect but we do not manifest that perfection because of egoistic habits, ignorant whims and blind prejudices. We are soul-diamonds with a dust of ego and ignorance. A holistic life coach helps you cleanse that dust so that the soul-diamond may shine forth in its natural clarity and brilliance.

Realizing One’s Potential : In other words, we all hide within us a great potential behind our enslaving bad habits of thinking and doing. That potential is our soul resource and can be realized through consistent daily effort, right living, good company and self-belief which in its highest form is faith in one’s innate divinity.

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