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During my time delivering the HR agenda within various companies and industries, I noticed how difficult and distracting it could be searching, finding and engaging HR service providers. Yet it still had to be done.

The Human Resources market continues to evolve and companies are always looking for better ways to improve their HR delivery and employee experiences.

HR teams are good at identifying what has to be delivered to make their employees and companies more successful but can find it a challenge and often confusing to keep pace with the HR market, screen and engage HR service providers. 

The backlog of messages received by the end of some days from prospecting HR suppliers can pile up quickly. This can leave no real time to return contact to speak about their offerings.

Being continually focussed in the organisation HR Professionals often can't develop the levels of commercial nouse needed to deal with external HR providers who themselves can be very large organisations with experienced Sales staff.

Experienced Managers looking for HR services such as recruiters or trainers often have the commercial experience but lack specific HR knowledge.

These are the reasons why Linq HR was created. To build a bridge between organisations requiring specialised HR services and the complex HR market. To make it simpler.

At Linq HR we share our extensive HR expertise and commercial knowledge gained through having worked for both companies and HR service providers, across multiple industries and across the globe, to assist companies find the HR services and products right for them.

We do this guided by our key guiding principles of Trust, Integrity, Reliability, and HR Knowledge.

Whether you are working for a company or HR service provider, let us help you find and engage the right HR services for your organisation. You can call me directly on 0433566126.

Darren Cutts

Founder and Managing Consultant

Why we are good at finding the right HR services for businesses?

HR Knowledge

Over 30 years of HR knowledge developed from working within companies and HR suppliers, across industries and across the globe.

HR Market Visibility

We  understand and source from over 20 HR services including Recruiters, Training providers, Payroll and Safety Systems.

HR Benchmarks

We build, monitor and track benchmarked data on both businesses and HR suppliers. This allows for improvement across all aspects of HR services.


We work solely for companies therefore operate independent of all HR suppliers.

Linq HR partners with businesses to find the right HR Services

HR Specialists

We are Human Resources Professionals who specialise in connecting businesses with the right HR Service providers.

HR Services

We cover all HR related services and products and are constantly seeking best in class HR Services providers.

Client Exposure

Let us introduce you to potentially new clients as they look for new HR services support.

Lets Talk HR

We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your HR Services. Online video meetings can be scheduled below 

Client and Vendor support



(overseas callers)

General questions


Media enquiries


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