LIVE COVID-19 Salary Cuts and Hiring Freezes Tracker

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Along the lines of this very useful hiring freezes tracker built by David Chouinard for US companies, we figured it’d be handy to do the same for Indian & South Asian companies.

As we all learn to navigate our careers through this Coronavirus crisis, it’ll be practical to compile a list of companies that are still hiring and the ones doing layoffs. For companies that are still hiring, relevant links have been added where interested candidates can learn more about the opportunities.

This is a real time tracker based on community inputs. Contribute if you’ve any insights or data to share by emailing me at geed@big.jobs, or by directly adding to this list here.

UPDATE (1600 IST, 2 April, 2020): The Economic Times have published a story based on this community-led tracker. In the last 72 hours since launch, 600+ companies have been tracked and over 35,000 unique people have accessed this tracker. We’re reviewing all submissions manually and are assisted by volunteers to help us verify the hiring status through multiple sources, media articles and reaching out to company employees and leadership.

We have also added an option for talent whose careers have come at risk because of the crisis, 
to get themselves enrolled in a database that will be shared across employers that are still hiring. If you’re an employer and is looking to get access to that list, drop your email in the sections below.

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