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Long working hours, low wages plague India’s gold industry workers: Niti Aayog study

Source | | Ram Sahgal

MUMBAI: Workers in the Indian gold industry have expressed dissatisfaction with regard to their wages, long and continuous working hours and lack of safe and sufficient work space in a study done by the National Institute of Labour Economics Research and Development for Niti Aayog. 

Titled ” A Study on Socio-Economic And Working Conditions of worker’s in Indian Gold Industry”, it said that several workers expressed dissatisfaction regarding their wages for difficult work and long working hours particularly in the manufacturing segment.

“The average working hours of a worker in the industry was 9.30 hours per day, which is higher than the stipulated 8 hours. Average working hours in the manufacturing and services sectors are 9.5 and 9.2 hours, respectively,” the study notes.

It added that continuous work without a break was very strenuous for the workers. Majority of them expressed their concern regarding mental and physical stress due to lack of a changeover system of workers from one shift to another.

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