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Love your Job and not your Company – RIP, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Its indeed sad to hear about the sudden demise of our beloved late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Populary known as the Missile Man and loved and revered by one and all from children to the old and across the world. He demystified the aura around the Presidents Office and made himself and his office & his palace accessible to the common man. He was one of the first President to vote. After relinquishing his office he went back and stayed in a One & a Half room house – in stark contrast to the earlier Presidents. 

He was know for simplicity, kindness, cheerful smile, integrity and forthrightness. He loved to spend time with Children for he felt that if he could influence the minds of the youth of India, he could help shape the future of India.

I was fortunate to have shook hands with him and listen to his address at the NHRD National Conference in Hyderabad in Nov 2013. He spoke with great passion and urged all of us to Dream and to always work with an attitude to “Serve – People, Humanity & the Nation”. He said HR is all about serving and not just to Corporate Honcho’s and to Corporate Employees but also to widen our horizon of serving the People at Large. He made a very sarcastic remark “Love your job – Dont love your Company, because you may not know when your Company will stop loving you”. So very true in this Opportunistic world.

He took a few questions and due to want of time, he said “dont worry, I will answer all your questions. Pl. write to me apj@abdulkalam.com and I promise you, you will get a reply in 24 hours”. Amazing human being and from a Ex-President of the Largest Democracy.

He has left a big void and I wonder whom will the youth of India write to in future and who will answer their inquisitive questions ?

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