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Lucky – Unlucky , Jane Or Jannet ???

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Jane, Jenny and Jennet, the 3 sisters decided to visit the Bank . They were waiting at the Teller Counter to withdraw cash. Suddenly, they found themselves in the midst of a bank heist.

A masked hood had pulled out a gun. It was fully loaded. He was waving the gun menacingly at all the customers announcing loudly for them to just sit down quietly – and hand him over all their money..

The customers panicked. Jenny shouted screaming hysterically. The masked man became nervous. He aimless fired. The bullet hit Jenny’s left arm. Profusely it started bleeding. She was in pain. In the ensuing pandemonium , the masked man, got scared and sneaked out. The neighborhood Doctor was summoned. He stopped the bleeding and bandaged her arm. Slowly calm prevailed. He left.

Jane said, “O my God – why you my pretty little sister. You have always been a good soul. Why did you have to be punished like this…look at your arm, you unlucky thing. All the others got saved but you had to become a victim !”

Jennet said “O Thank dear Lord, you are saved, my little sister. Could have been more grievous and the injuries could have been serious. Thank the holy Spirits, you are saved. It was so close to your heart. You are so lucky that it was only your arm .

This is a slight modification of Psychologist Richard Wiseman’s scenario.

Through subsequent research and observations they established …

1. the creed of the ‘Janes’ – greeted misfortune with an alternative picture. They tend to accept that the situation could have been far worst than what it turned out to be.They tend to be better at coping and adapting when faced with unexpected challenges.

2. The creed of the ‘Janets’ think only negative and invest time in trying to make a deep analysis of the situation and determine as to why the situation happened , whonisbresponsible and particularly, why it happened to that person only. Janets cannot cope nor can they adapt to the situation when they experience unexpected changes.

I consider myself lucky when I realise the situation could have been worst. I count my blessings. I am part of that clan.

Think deep. Where do you fit in – Jane or Janet ?

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