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Magic Beyond Mathematics

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Magic Beyond Mathematics … The Two Elements To Success

Your success is an outcome of 2 sets of Elements….the Cogent (the logical & Mathematical) and the Esoteric (the Magical)! One is a Science….the other is a super art. One is capitalising on knowledge , the other is capitalising on deep human insights.

The Cogent elements are logical & learnable. Upon mastery of these Cogent Elements one can efficiently perform his expected tasks, assignments and roles. Let me share an example. When you buy a car , the manufacturer proclaims that the car will give you a mileage of ‘X’ (say 50) an answer to the quintessential ‘kitna deti hai’ question! The fine-print assumptions to this response are…. if the car is run on the right roads, with right fuel, using correct lubricants, right air preassure in tyres, on good road conditions, with average traffic , driven by a person who has good driving skills etc.

But if all these factors are managed, will you reach the desired level ? If you put in 20 liters of fuel, chances are YES, you may get 20×50 =1000 mpl. This is efficiency. Cogent Elements of Management are similar. They are about getting maximum output by efficiently managing the resources, processes & other contributory factors. That is what an ‘Effecient’ Manager focuses and can get out of a system.

The second are the Esoteric elements of leadership. The Inspiration, Authenticity, Empathy, Wisdom & Relationships. Mastery over these gives Magical Powers to the leader to get results quantum times higher than what the system can give with the inputted resources & processes. The car could now give a a mileage much beyond the 1000 mph.

The world of Management even now wastes its time trying to differentiate between a Manager and a Leader. Both are needed in the game plan of success – Efficiency & Effectiveness. Both badly needed – a Manager and a Leader in the drama of corporate Success.

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