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The Magic of Getting What You Want

From the bestselling author of The Magic Of Thinking Big, which has sold over four million copies worldwide, here is a book that shows you how to generate more wealth, have greater influence, and get more happiness in life. Using a number real life success stories, David J. Schwartz shows you how to achieve everything you desire by approaching life positively and planning your goals methodically. Find out inside the pages of this book :

How to think more to get more
Ways to get others to make you win
Getting more by giving more
How to program yourself for success
Seek out dream builders and avoid dream destroyers
Using charisma and commitment to influence those around you
Profiting from persistence and patience. David J. Schwartz has revealed in this book his own personal formulas for success and the techniques he has shared are bound to help you get everything you really want in your life. The results you will see when you apply them are nothing short of magic


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