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The Magic of Manifesting at Work

Source | LinkedIn : By Gilly Kennedy

Every time I opened my briefcase I saw my business card. Nothing unusual about that you might think. Most people put their business cards in their brief case in the little plastic holder for identification purposes in case it gets lost or to keep a spare supply handy. But this business card of mine was different because it was describing me in a role that I did not yet have!

Not long before, I had been given a sideways move into a new department and if I am being totally honest, it wasn’t a move I was looking forward to. I was quite happy where I was and it felt like this move was being forced on me. I hadn’t been given much choice, it was a take it or leave situation so I really just had to get on with it.

A few weeks into the new role, things were not going so well and I was feeling pretty miserable. I needed to do something to change my situation. So, I decided to try out a little bit of manifesting. I had been reading a lot about it and decided it was worth giving it a go. Nothing to lose!

I figured that if I could expand my new team, take on a wider remit and get a promotion I would feel much better about my situation. It would give me a greater sense of purpose, re-motivate me and make me feel more valued. All good. So I decided that my manifesting experiment would be to create myself a more senior role – something I had been wanting to achieve for some time. I became excited and threw my whole self into my experiment.

One of the first things I did was to get my computer out and set my creative skills to work on creating myself a mock-up business card. One that had my new senior role on it! I made it look as authentic as possible, a little bigger than a normal business card but the bigger the better I thought – will only help with the manifesting! Then I popped it into my briefcase.

Every time I opened my briefcase, there it was. I always smiled when I saw it thinking – yay I have a new role! Interestingly, shortly afterwards I started speaking differently about my situation too. When my friends asked me how things were going, instead of answering with a sigh and giving them my sob story, I was upbeat, positive and told them that I was now running the department and loved my new job!

A few months later, my boss called me into his office and he greeted me as usual with a “how’s it going?” An innocuous question to which I would normally answer “good thanks and you?” But this time it was different. This time I said “things were going well but there were 5 things I needed to make the role really successful.” My boss was listening and guess what, without hesitation, I reeled off exactly what I wanted and to my amazement and delight, he said yes to absolutely everything including my promotion! I was being given the exact role that I had put on my mocked-up business card.

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