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Majority of UK job roles still pay men more than women | Emma-Louise Jones

While the UK’s gender pay gap has been slowly narrowing over time, the latest employee earnings figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that millions of UK workers are employed in occupations where men are paid more than women.

New analysis of the ONS’s 2023 gender pay gap data, by HR and payroll software provider Ciphr, has revealed that a shocking 78% of all full-time job roles in the UK, and 81% of such roles held by 50,000 or more workers, have a gender pay gap in favour of men.

That’s around four in five occupations with a gender-based pay disparity. Of those, well over a quarter (30%) pay men at least 10% more per hour, on average, while a third (32%) pay men between 5% and 9% more. Over a year, this could easily add up to a gender pay difference of several thousand pounds (or more, depending on base salary). And, over the course of a career, it will impact many women’s lifetime earnings and may well have repercussions on their pension savings.

Around 12.9 million people (4.9 million women and 8 million men) are employed full-time in professions with a gender pay gap of 1% or higher in favour of men (in April 2023) – ranging from 26.2% for financial managers and directors down to 1% for waiters and waitresses, and youth and community workers.

Years of inclusive policies, publicity, and initiatives aimed at reducing gender pay disparities appear to be falling far short of expectations, as men’s hourly pay continues to exceed women’s…

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