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Make in India: An answer to unemployment?

Source | LinkedIn : By Anil Kaushik

Make in India is a prestigious program of our current Government, may be because of a conviction that such an initiative is a befitting reply not only to slow GDP and FDI but also  to growing problem of unemployment. This program aims to transform India into a global hub of manufacturing to rapidly create more manufacturing jobs for the masses,for the demographic dividend to not turn into a demographic nightmare. 

We have the highest young workforce available in the world and yet it is in throes of an acute shortage of skilled and trained people in the manufacturing and service sector. Mass youth is unskilled. Creating jobs and skill development for filling  these jobs  is the one biggest challenge for the success of the program because creating jobs and providing skills for  those jobs are two different things. 

The Skilling program has to be  both institutionalized and corporatized. Single one model is not going to achieve the objective. Skill sets for uneducated and educated workforce are different. Corporates  have their own perception about skill sets. They look in workforce something more than requisite technical education because education is not synonymous with skills. For them “something more” is  the  attitude ,a person wears which includes flexibility, adaptability ,ownership of job ,sincerity, willing to sacrifice for productivity and self-discipline. This comes from core values, a person inherits and develops from family  and the surrounding environment.

The manufacturing sector  is prone to labour unrest. While creating jobs and skills for masses to make this program a success, self-discipline among masses is a must. In a democracy like ours, regulatory reforms are not easy to put in place. Many stakeholders interests are to be guarded with check and balance but  should  there be any flexibility  allowed in the matter of discipline? It has to be kept in mind that  first casualty of indiscipline at workplace is the productivity loss, erosion of work culture and ultimately job loss.Why  not we all agree to make a case of putting moratorium for a period on strikes and lock outs? Why not performance , hard work  and productivity of everyone should be on to top agenda in manufacturing sector? For the time being leave apart the big labour reforms. At least these small steps can be taken. No industry  and no job can survive with out developing a culture of discipline and national interest. If on one side we allow manufacturing to grow for job creation and on the other side we do not check the indiscipline and take it with a sympathetic attitude, we may witness  not a rule of law to govern but of crowd governance which would be very alarming.

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