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The mental skills coach of rugby world champions the All Blacks talks about putting mind over muscle, weeding out big egos, and why he welcomes vulnerability

By | Maria Nokkonen |

Much like a conditioning coach focuses on muscles to perform, a mental skills coach looks at what can be done with the mind to aid performance. This is the expertise of Gilbert Enoka who just kicked off his 17th year as the mental skills specialist for the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks. Known for their world-beating mental strength, the team has set a record with their three World Cup titles.

With his holistic approach to mental toughness, Enoka helps the current world champions to perform in big moments – but his insights on tapping to the mind’s potential go beyond the pitch.

Let’s talk brain power: What does it take to be an All Black?

Much like in business, it starts with character. If you don’t put the team first, you’ll never make it. We drive the notion of gratitude. When the ego grows too much, it squashes other things in the environment.

The team also has a rich history cultivated by a legacy of success. Our people understand that their role is to continue and enhance that narrative.

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