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What makes an HR professional fly?

By Anjana K R

Questions often asked by budding HR professionals are:

  • What makes an HR professional tick?
  • How can we earn respect from the Business?

Surprisingly, the answers lie in very simple attributes that cannot be taught.

Many pages have been written about Agile Methodology and how it will impact our way of functioning. But, there are very few examples on the application of this method in non-technical areas. The reason is apparent. What cannot be measured in absolute terms cannot easily be captured objectively. Agility means a lot in HR parlance. There are a few tenets of management that we are familiar with, like:

  1. Planning:

One cannot over-emphasize the importance of planning, forethought and the proactive intent and action that is required for executing any HR intervention or for something as simple (well, not so simple a task, as we are painfully aware) as advising the business partner. Proactive planning has been often a very under-rated activity. One of the few adjectives attributed to the HR profession is to say that ‘HR is Reactive’. Being proactive is to anticipate the future based on the current trends, both at micro and macro levels. Compare this to a game of chess. You anticipate the next set of moves and plan your action.

2. Being Responsive:

‘HR does not respond!’ – Sadly, this is an attribute that has been imprinted as the image of HR in critical minds. Being highly responsive is another hidden quality that every HR professional better possess. Very often, HR is one of the last resorts that the business teams knock onto for help. Imagine if one does not respond to that knock – in person, over email, over phone etc. The result is obvious! By not responding, one has successfully created another enemy for HR! Being responsive (agile) to various change scenarios exist not only in business, in fact, they exist in plenty in the field HR. I remember that I received a ton of appreciation out of nowhere for a very simple (seemingly) reason – I had responded to a call or a mail promptly and had kept the person informed on the status at various stages till the matter closed officially.

Hope you found meaning in what I have shared…Good news is…More to follow…

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