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Making the Move to Prime Time!

By | Dr Marshall Goldsmith | #1 Leadership Thinker, Exec Coach, NYT Bestselling Author. Dartmouth Tuck Professor Mgmt Practice

In this interview series, my great friend CNN journalist and news anchor, Chris Cuomo and I talk about his new show Cuomo Prime Time, a news analysis show on CNN. We also talk about life, leadership, and how we can “get from here to there”.

In this first part of our interview, Chris shares his thoughts on his new show, how he decided to make the move to prime time, and why this move is so important. He explains the unique format of Cuomo Prime Time and its goal of guiding us out of siloed thinking. Chris is betting on independent thinkers and open minds and I am with him all the way!

Following is an excerpt from our interview.

Marshall: Chris, I am so proud of you and I’m so looking forward to your new show, Cuomo Prime Time. Let me tell you what I’m so excited about. What I’m so excited about is: I get tired of people dealing with questions when I know what they’re going to say before the question comes out. They repeat the party line over and over, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left. What I love about the philosophy of what you’re doing is you’re really focused on getting to the truth. Give me a little background.

Chris: Well, first thing, the most important thing is, thank you. Because you helped me with your coaching, your analysis, and your insights to figure out that this was the best way for me to manifest my intentions. To leave the morning, which I love, and make the move to prime time.

Now, here’s what we are facing. We have the problem, a potential solution, and the mechanism to get there.

The problem is siloed thinking.

That’s where we are right now with toxic partisanship. People are looking for an echo effect. It’s like an anathema to you and your way of thinking, which is ‘I only want to know what I already know, and I’m only going to seek out what I already believe.’ What this is doing is creating a deepening chasm in our political culture. That’s why nothing’s getting done. Any business would fail on this dynamic!

So, what do we do about it? Instead of my talking to camera and telling people what to think, and echoing what they already believe, which I can’t do anyway as a journalist, I’m going to talk to people. Have conversations, get deep into things, test power, test the arguments that are out there. That is betting on independent thinkers and open minds. That’s who this show will appeal to. If you are open minded, if you are an independent thinker, you want to hear things tested. You want to make sure that your ideas, your arguments are galvanized by what is opposite them.

Chris: That’s what Cuomo Prime Time is about. We have the players on. We get a Marshall Goldsmith when we get lucky, and we deep dive into something that matters, that is an ongoing problem. Why do they think what they think? What are the weaknesses? What are the strengths? What can we synthesize out of it? What can we identify with politicians as common ground, and then push for action on? And then we’re going to pray for non-political news, so we can get out and do news coverage and do what people hopefully want outside of this crucible!

Marshall: Chris, I love this. I’m, so looking forward to it, thank you very much.

Chris: Thank you for helping me make the move, Marshall!

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