Man who sold export reject shirts on footpath now owns Rs 60 crore turnover business empire

By | Usha Prasad |

The story of Bengaluru-based entrepreneur Raja Nayak reads like a movie script, where the hero, hailing from a poor background, dreams of making it big, and one day becomes a millionaire.

A Class 10 dropout, Raja, who was born in a poor Dalit family, fought his way up to reach the position where he is now – a successful entrepreneur owning several businesses and educational institutions, and clocking a turnover of Rs. 60 crore in all.

From selling export reject shirts on the footpath at the age of 16 to setting up his latest venture NutriPlanet Foods – a company that is into super food and advanced nutrition products – life’s been a wonderful roller coaster ride for this compulsive multitasker.

“Luck has favoured me in every venture I took a plunge into. I encashed every opportunity that came my way,” says the 55-year-old entrepreneur, a diehard fan of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

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