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Managers: Here’s A 7-Step Practical Guide To Leading A Remote Team

By | Leah Ryder |

Managers of remote teams do all the same things in-office managers do: Hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, weekly check-ins, and more. We just do them a little… differently. Yes, we use many (many) Zoom calls to keep up facetime with our teams, but managing employees who work from home 100% of the time takes more strategic thinking and intentional planning than simply recreating in-office scenarios in a digital world.

Whether you’re trying to quickly adapt to a remote management situation, or settling into the role for the long-term, the same fundamentals need to be put in place to build solid communication, performance, and employee growth. It might feel difficult, even unintuitive, at first, but it’s our job as managers to create a great place to work. And it’s oh-so-rewarding to have a productive team that is flexible, independent, and brings diverse perspectives to the table. The remote team I manage spans three countries, and they are the most productive people I know!

But who has the time to achieve remote teamwork utopia? Your team is already working from home and needs your full support, like, yesterday. Thankfully, transferring your managerial skills to a remote setting doesn’t have to take months of training: You can set up the basics pretty quickly by breaking it all down into these seven steps, drawn from our remote leadership team at Trello.

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