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Managers, Here’s How to Champion Your Employees to Reach Their Full Potential

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  • Keeping an open dialogue about the future holds the key to your team’s growth potential and talent retention.

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The number one reason employees leave their jobs to pursue a new opportunity might surprise you: It’s actually related to their frustrations with their career progressaccording to a Gallup report. And while it can hurt a company as a whole to lose valuable talent, the departure of an employee can be especially stressful for the manager who was overseeing them.

Managers can play a key role in cultivating talent and ultimately retaining their star employees — potentially avoiding that stressful moment when they give notice. If you’re a manager yourself, you probably have a lot on your plate, and you may worry about how you’ll find the time to mentor each of your team members and help with their trajectories. The good news, though, is that you can get engaged in a way that promotes growth (and retention) while still being mindful of your own well-being and workload. Here’s how.

Check in frequently and directly 

Keeping a consistent and open dialogue won’t just help your employees feel supported — it will actually safeguard them against burnout, according to Gallup’s 2019 report “Exit Programs That Retain Stars and Build Brand Ambassadors.” The report found that employees who say their supervisor is “always willing to listen to their work-related problems” are 62 percent less likely to be burned out, and 70 percent less likely to report burnout if they feel generally supported by their manager.

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