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Managing a Micromanaging Boss

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Sandeep Kashyap , Founder at Proof Hub

I still cannot forget those dreadful mornings when I was working as a product manager with a consulting firm. Like everyone, I had always hated micromanaging things and people. But the situation was completely reverse here.

My boss who was the vice president of the company had this habit of keeping a tab on everyone. Although most of us weren’t her direct reports even then she left no chance to pinpoint our team. One day of my colleagues was late by 7 minutes so she straight went to him and said” Why are you late? You should have called and informed us about it”. This was so embarrassing for him to receive such comments in the middle of the floor from such a high-position person in the organization.

He made sure that he was never late for his office in future. But the horror continued forever in our minds. At times, I used to skip my breakfast, morning exercise just to make it to the office on time. Every morning was no less than nightmare from waking up till being in the office on time.

But the story doesn’t end here. Meetings were no less than a horror movie with her. She pinpointed at every little thing during meetings. She had this tendency to know about everything in detail and have control over it. If someone gave her an idea, she would reject it and ensure that her idea is only implemented.


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