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Managing the 8 different types of learners

By | Christina Marfice

There’s more than one way to learn information.

While there’s plenty of ongoing debate in academic circles about exactly how many ways we can learn, one popular and oft-cited method categorizes people into 8 different types of learners.

For managers, this presents a challenge: how do you best manage all your team members when they each may learn in different ways? The key is to understand the different types of learning, and the best ways to promote, teach, and lead each type of learner to give them the best chances of success as they learn.

Here’s everything managers need to know.

What are the 8 learning styles?

Before we even get to the 8 different types of learners, let’s explore a little bit of the history of assigning people to different “learning styles”.

The idea of a “learning style” was recognized as early as 334 BC by Aristotle, who wrote that “each child possessed specific talents and skills”. The concept of learning styles has continued to evolve since then, but didn’t gain widespread popularity until the 1970s and 1980s, when a number of theorists saw their ideas about learning styles become popular.

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