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Why Manners Still Matter in the Modern Workplace

Source |  |  BY:Peter Cappelli, Professor Management 

Recently, on an episode of my SiriusXM radio show, In The WorkplaceI caught up with Jodi R.R. Smith, founder and president of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting and author of the The Etiquette Book: A Complete Guide to Modern Manners. We spoke about the role of manners and etiquette for men and women in today’s modern workplace.

As you move from job to job over the course of your career, you will experience different workplace cultures and norms dictating what is considered appropriate behavior, from how you communicate with your supervisor to the clothes you wear. For instance, a formal financial institution might require you to wear a suit, while at a more casual software company, jeans and t-shirts are the norm.

“Etiquette is constantly evolving and changing,” Jodi said. “The way you behave with outside clients may be different from how you behave in a staff meeting. Understanding the nuances is really where modern manners is at.”

The biggest “manner mistake” people make when it comes to the workplace is sharing something on social media about a boss or a client that shouldn’t be publicly shared, Jodi said.


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