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Why many big IT consulting companies might soon become extinct?

Source |  |  BY:Suhas Patil

In last 6 months, you hear constant news about IT companies’ growth slowing down, fear of mass layoffs, expert talks about reskilling talent etc.

But reality is that this problem is not limited to only IT services companies. Nor problem is due to only Automation and Artificial intelligence as it is generally understood and explained. Problem is much broader and has impact to entire technology industry – services companies as well as technology organizations within the enterprises.

While IT industry is working on many steps to be relevant for future, no one has been able to get to bottom of real problem that is driving its current state – Organization design that is incapable to change with change in technology.

Let me elaborate.

Underlying input material for technology organization is different programming languages, databases, infrastructure designs, application architectures, tools, products etc. Tech Organizations are designed/structured to leverage these and build solutions for business using talent who are trained on those input materials and designs.

For most part of this century, number of commonly used input materials were FINITE. MSSQL or Oracle were only two major options for databases. Very few languages were really used to build complex applications. Learning was traditional through books and problem-solving was mostly through peers. Open source technologies were not welcomed. As a result, focus was on one-time ramp-up of talent on input materials/designs and leveraging their knowledge for years to build and maintain the solutions.


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