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Many workers are thinking of ‘rage quitting.’ Here’s how to resign gracefully.

By | Andy Medici | 

Whether it’s the toxic culture, the lack of career development benefits, a disconnect over remote work or other reasons, plenty of employees are thinking of quitting their jobs.

About 30% of workers are currently thinking of quitting their job, and 25% have actually quit within the last six months, according to a new survey of 2,200 workers by FlexJobs.

The top reason? A toxic company culture — a finding that echoes past reporting from The Playbook.

About 42% cited being burned out and 41% said a lack of flexible schedules led to their resignation.

“Our data clearly highlights that toxic company culture drives people to leave their jobs more than any other single factor,” said Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “Especially with many companies now transitioning to permanent hybrid workplaces, it’s critical that leaders emphasize building healthy cultures that are inclusive of all their workers’ needs and locations, whether they’re onsite or remote.”

Meanwhile, thoughts of “rage quitting” in which a worker suddenly decides to leave (often in dramatic fashion) are significant, with 15% of workers saying they were “very tempted” to rage quit, while 4% said they have actually done so in the last year. About 14% of workers say they have known someone who has rage quit.

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