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Some lessons from Bhaskar Bhat, who powered iconic brands

Earlier this month, we celebrated Teachers’ Day. Later this month, a teacher who has had great influence on me will retire from an iconic company which he has led brilliantly. Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director of Titan.

During his 17 years at the helm, he transformed Titan from a watches company with a small jewellery business, to a lifestyle behemoth that boasts some of India’s finest brands. Titan, Tanishq, Fastrack, Sonata, Titan Eye Plus, Skinn by Titan, Nebula, Xylys, Mia, CaratLane, and now, Taneira.

I have had the unique opportunity of working as a member of Bhaskar Bhat’s team for several years. Here are some of the invaluable marketing lessons I have learnt from him.

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