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Why Your Employer Brand Is More Important Than Ever – Marketing Leaders Role in Navigating the Great Reshuffle

By | Kevin Ryan

This Great Reshuffle is happening across the spectrum, from the supermarket to the C-Suite, creating an unprecedented transformation in the world of work. The pandemic has made people re-evaluate their place in the world, their fundamental values, and how their work fits into that equation. As a result, we are seeing people leave their jobs in record numbers in search of more flexibility and companies that align with their values. Our most recent data showed that the number of global members who changed their jobs on LinkedIn was up 54% year over year. For context, those numbers typically hover between 0 and 5%. 

As businesses look to the post-pandemic recovery and beyond, these workforce shifts are creating significant challenges in navigating the path back to sustained growth. Across industries and regions, maintaining and acquiring talent is once again high on the agenda for business leaders

With this massive talent migration shifting the power to employees, it has become critical for companies to build and maintain a strong employer brand. To attract new talent, as well as keep their current teams happy, brands have been compelled to rethink their own values – and how they communicate them with both their customers and employees. And they’ve had to do that without a playbook

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