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Marshall Goldsmith | Leadership Speech

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Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a world authority on leadership and employee relations, demonstrating how good management of human resources can achieve positive, lasting change in the age of globalization.

Dr. Goldsmith has authored or edited thirty-one books, including MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, both of which made the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. The latter title won the Harold Longman Award for Business Book of the Year and was chosen by the Wall Street Journal as a #1 business book. His works are available in 28 languages and have made the bestseller lists in eight different countries.

A Ph.D. from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, Dr. Goldsmith has been nominated as one of the hundred most distinguished graduates of that School in its 75-year history. He teaches executive education at Tuck School, Dartmouth and is often invited to be a guest lecturer at other leading business schools. A board member of the Peter Drucker foundation for a decade, he has also volunteered as a teacher for U.S. Army Generals, Navy Admirals, Girl Scout executives and 4 leaders of the International and American Red Cross; the ARC named him National Volunteer of the Year.

In the biannual global study of business thinkers sponsored by The London Times and Forbes, Dr. Goldsmith was recognized as being among the fifteen most influential business thinkers in the world. He has been honored with many awards, including the Institute for Management Studies Lifetime Achievement Award (he is one of only two recipients). Other acknowledgements include being chosen as one of the fifty great thinkers and leaders in management for the past eighty years by the American Management Association, being named one of the fifty great leaders in America by BusinessWeek and chosen as one of the top ten executive educators by the Wall Street Journal.

For more information on bringing Marshall Goldsmith to your organization:

Marshall Goldsmith


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