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Marshall Goldsmith: Women are too hard on themselves

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This one is especially important for my female friends!

Marshall Goldsmith is an exceptional coach and a great human being. He is incredibly respectful to everybody.

In the interview, you will have a chance to watch on July 14th on THIS channel (don’t forget to subscribe!) we talked about women.

His basic belief is that women are too hard on themselves. They want to be perfect and that’s why they always do a good job!

But why don’t they get promoted?
Why don’t some intelligent and hard-working women achieve their career goals?
What should they do?
Invest in yourself! Learn to stand up for yourself!

I really cannot wait to see this interview because I am 100% sure that it will open your eyes, boost your self-esteem and show you how to get everything you ever wanted.
It’s a coaching session of your life!
We talked about business, family, success tips, love, personal battles and many other things.
Make sure you tune in on the 14 of July!
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