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Martin Ford says yes…

Source | LinkedIn : By Veronica Araujo

New York Times Best Seller, Martin Ford thinks Robots will result in a Jobless Future!

But what does this world renowned expert think about Shared Services?

That’s one insight that delegates at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Europe will be privy to. Ford is just one of over 80 speakers which make up the 2017 summit, featuring an interactive agenda which delegates can personalise to their maturity and function.

At SS&O Week Europe (Manchester, 15-18th May, 2017) Martin Ford explores the ways in which “robots” and other technological advances are outpacing humans in all kinds of sectors, offering a realistic view of what the future of work – and your place in it – will look like.


But beyond pragmatic concerns, Ford addresses a bigger question: can accelerating technology disrupt our entire economic system to the point where a fundamental restructuring is required? In the past, even as jobs were eliminated, jobs were created to replace them. Increasingly, though, new machines will be able to take care of themselves.

The effects of this transition could be shattering. But there will be opportunities as well.

Do we continue to listen to those who argue that nothing fundamental has changed, and take a bad bet on a miserable future? Or do we begin to discuss what we must do to ensure all of us, and not just the few, benefit from the awesome power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other breakthroughs?

The time to choose is now.

This talk is both an exploration of this new technology and a call to arms to address its implications.

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