Master This One Simple Habit To Significantly Improve Your Leadership

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Uh, no.

Years ago, I had this boss who was terribly inconsistent. One week, he would praise us for our work, and the next week, we would do even better and he would say we were performing poorly. Teams never knew where they stood with this guy because they didn’t have a consistent idea of what good and bad looked like.

Teams have to know what good looks like, so they can reach for it. That increases their chances for success.

But that make things too predictable, right? Predictability is the path to complacency.

No, not exactly.

You absolutely want to keep your teams on their toes, but you can do that with a heavy dose of predictability. For instance, if you have regular reviews where you hold your team accountable, that will actually make your team strive to improve. Predictability is the key to success, not inconsistency. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be open to change, but consistency is key.

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