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MasterChef Success Recipe

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It is not as simple. ‘Deciding’ is not the same as ‘Actioning’. And ‘Actioning’ is what gives right taste to the all time favourite dish – ‘Success’. The problem with success is that merely deciding is not good enough. It also has to be further cooked with patience & passion on a slow fire. The recipe of ‘Success’ is simple… Step 1 : Take raw Decision. Wash it & soak in your conscious mind to remove surface level pollutants it may have been exposed to till it arrived in your kitchen. Step 2 : Goes in with the clean Raw Decision are further ingredients like tons of love, lots of efforts, plenty of care, a flourish of endeavor, heaps of stretch & a fistful of stress. Step 3 : Allow ingredients to boil on slow flame. Success does not cook on a high flame. Periodically keep stirring till it reaches desired viscosity. Step 4 : Keep stirring till you smell the sweet aroma of success. People in the bedroom shout out : “wow, something great is cooking in the kitchen !” Take it off the flame. Step 5 : Add ‘him’ garnishing humility, inspiration & maturity. Step 6 : Your dish is ready. Served it on attractive crockery & shinning cutlery for great taste, healthy nourishment & an experience of culinary delight Try it. Surely, you will like it !

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