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Source | LinkedIn :  By Sunil Chandra Saha

Sales isn’t for everyone!

Sales is probably one of the most hated jobs!

I asked a class full of MBA freshers- Who want to go in sales?

The ‘hands up’ will tell you a story! There were 11 hands up in a class of 100 where MARKETING was the compulsory specialization!

However, I wasn’t surprised, and I thought it’s not really fair without telling them- What’s A Selling Job, to get a better response.

So I told them a story! What sales is!

Sales has tremendous growth opportunity guys! I have seen people rising from a 6000 Rs a month to grow to a Lac Rs. per month and more just in 4 years!

Yes you have huge pressure, targets to achieve- daily, insults on mail and in cabins and in Morning meetings when you miss the targets! But that’s what makes you learn! Sales job most times make you travel – 100 kms per day 6 days a week; also 7 days a week. Those who don’t take break even work 7 days a week achieve higher numbers and get higher and higher incentives.

Sales is one profession where monthly incentives, can be 3X of your own salary! And 3X is the figure which I personally have achieved on an average 6 months in 12!

Yes you may not have times for parties, and crave for 1 day off but if you give your 3 years of your life completely, you will see yourself grow in a way that you will never never need to worry!

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