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Median Absolute : HR Theory

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajnesh Khosla

Time is transforming the HR department into a Statistics department. For solving any issue, the HR professionals look towards the statistical reports where the decisions are already taken. The 10 – ‘Big Giants of surveys’ – organizations have pre-decided the full life cycle of the employee, that is, from the joining to leaving and salary to promotion which is all based on Standards and Averages.

Were we so unequipped without access to these types of semi-cooked surveys, a few years back? Or are we better off using these tools as per our conveniences today? HR managers are using advanced metrics and data to better their office by pushing decisions. ‘HR Analytics’ is a terminology used for the new sub divisions of HR departments.  Employee feedback is becoming a major point of emphasis lately; this is creating majority ruling leaders, while the unique individual situation has taken a back seat.

“The War” is now fought only where the problems are frequent while the unique issues are neglected. Organisations are using the large data of the Human situation to understand the most common issues, where data is collected from randomly picked employees and a general conclusion is drawn.

New Generation HR professionals are least interested in understanding how the HRD was working without these surveys earlier. And the situation is so deep that the data from a common pool of statics from the industry is used in any organisation impacting unique situations and individual.

Generally, statistics can be applied to any sphere of business or life in general. But can we, as HR professionals rely on common and large data for career planning for individual concerns? The One Family culture of organisation is based on unique employees. Imagine using a similar data mechanics at your home. What should we serve to kids in dinner, choice of Movie most people watched, best time to talk to your spouse etc. we know it won’t work. Then, how can we be sure that these surveys are making our life easy in within the organisations.

Now read thru few of examples with new thinking: Why we need – Compensation surveys, Employee satisfaction, Training & support, Performance surveys. Statistics plays a vital role in every fields of human activity. But can it play the leadership role in Human Capability development or Engaging employees in Organisational Missions. Can we Identify Capabilities in Median Absolute or Percentiles?

Thus, we can conclude by saying, we should use Surveys as Tools, not as solutions to core Human Resources Developments and start taking decisions with help of these tools rather let the Surveys take these decisions for us.

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