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Meet 4 women entrepreneurs making inroads in the manufacturing sector

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Women in manufacturing, especially in the Indian context, are a rare breed. Even today, manufacturing is associated with physical labour, heavy machinery, union woes, dust and grime, and a hard task at the end of the day.

But things are changing. More women are rising up to the challenge of running factories, and moving into what was previously thought a male-oriented domain. They are also venturing into fields hitherto not preferred by many women, rising up to every challenge and excelling in their calling.

Meet the four women entrepreneurs who, by making their mark in the manufacturing sector, are inspiring others to think beyond the ordinary and follow their passion.

Sheetal Talati

Sheetal Talati was just 22 when she lost her father and had to take over the reins of his company, Pushpa Industries, that is in the business of manufacturing heat transfer equipment. When she took over after her father’s untimely demise in 2017, she was young and lost.

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