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Meet a #futureshaper: Aneesha Arora

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Aneesha Arora has advice for you.

Focus on doing a great job in the role you are in and the next role will find its way to you, said Aneesha, Vice President for Human Resources Services.

She also urges you to:

  • Take risks. 
  • Pause to celebrate successes with your team.
  • Recharge outside of work. 

“Take time to be with your family and do the things you love or whatever brings you energy,” Aneesha said.

Based in Charlotte, N.C.; here is her #futureshaper story.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  

I really wanted to be a Fly Girl on the U.S. TV show In Living Color and then I wanted to be the next Barbara Walters. But reality set in and I decided to follow in the footsteps of others in my family and thought I would be a doctor.

What do you do? 

Our goal is to be the best run industrial company in the world. The way to achieve that is by having engaged employees. I’m responsible for ensuring that essential HR support is available to our employees through innovative technologies and services to deliver a fulfilling, satisfying work experience – at every point in their Honeywell career. I’m also responsible for delivering key HR data and analytics to our business leaders to help them make better business decisions.

What gets you excited about coming to work every day?  

There are a few things that get me jazzed: (1) The talented HR team I work with and lead. I am super proud of them. (2) Helping to solve challenging problems. (3) Knowing that I can truly make a difference for the business.

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