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Meet One of the World’s Few Self-Made Women Billionaires. She Wants to Teach You How to Play the Game — Literally

Jenny Just, who began her career as an options trader, is well-versed in finance and strategy. Now, she's revealing how it's done with her latest endeavor: Poker Power

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As one of the world’s few self-made women billionaires, 54-year-old Jenny Just is no stranger to the world of finance — or the way it caters to men. “The biggest challenge to overcome is the expectation that women aren’t capable around money,” Just says. “I have a co-founder who’s a man, and it’s always been the case that the first dialogue usually goes to him. That wasn’t new 25 years ago, and it’s not new today.”

Just began her career as an options trader in . Then, in 1997, she co-founded options trading firm PEAK6 Capital Management, which went on to start or buy numerous companies, including esports franchise Evil Geniuses. Just is also an investor in Apex Fintech Solutions.

But Just’s most recent endeavor stands apart. Poker Power, the workshop co-founded with Just’s 16-year-old daughter Juliette, empowers women by teaching them to play Texas Hold ’em.

Ahead of this year’s Women’s Equality Day, Just sat down with Entrepreneur to discuss her journey to Poker Power’s founding and how the card game played by more than 100 million people around the world (96% of them men) teaches women the skills they need to win in the boardroom and beyond.

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