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Mental health doesn’t require another wellness perk; it needs humanity

By | Claudia Ceke |

Should we invest in mental health?

That’s a question that we can no longer afford to ask. The make it or break it question is not if we should invest in mental health, it’s how we pour our efforts into the growing mental health pandemic.

Mental illness is hitting an all-time high and it is getting worse. Depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are on the rise with 70% of teens and 78% of the global workforce being negatively impacted by their mental health. We can no longer afford to dodge the elephant in the room (read workplace) when more than half of our employees are somewhat struggling with mental health issues.

Mental health doesn’t need another benefit. It needs humanity.

‘Destigmatize mental health’ has been a hot topic this year. Yet, a recent study by Oracle reveals that two out of three employees would prefer to talk to a robot over their manager about stress and anxiety. Surprisingly, 82% of the people believe that robots can support their mental health better than humans can. Isn’t that ironic? Taking into consideration that loneliness and isolation are often the root cause of depression and anxiety. It almost appears as a silent cry for humanity (in the workplace) to take the mask off, drop the role play and uncover our vulnerable authentic selves.

We all need to take a long and hard look into how we choose to support mental health. Not in theory. But in practice.

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